My Week in MealsΒ 

As you may remember, I heavily rely on meal planning to stay within my grocery budget (or close to it!) and to avoid the dreaded “What should we make for dinner?” conversation. Every Sunday morning, I pour myself a cup of coffee, turn on an episode of Chopped, and start flipping through the ads in the paper searching for anything on sale and in season. I also check the weather for the week so I can customize my meals, for...

Broccoli Tomato Feta Salad

Broccoli Tomato Feta Salad

Summer is in full effect in my corner of the globe which means the whir of lawnmowers and cicadas are a constant soundtrack in the background of summer get togethers around the grill. Even though the weather has warmed up significantly, I still haven’t gotten many fresh veggies out of the garden…yet. I carefully examine all the plants in my garden every morning but still only have skinny zucchinis and green tomatoes. It’s become quite the obsession and will, sooner...