Cheers to Beers

May 7, 2015

I feel very fortunate to have grown up watching the Oregon beer culture grow and bloom. For beer lovers and native Oregonians, it’s exciting to witness such a prominent reputation come from a place that previously felt unnoticed.

When I first turned 21, I drank expensive, sugary cocktails and cheap, warm beer during rounds of beer pong. Seven years on and my tastes have changed drastically. I still enjoy the occasional margarita or Moscow Mule but, given the choice, I’ll take a frothy microbrew over all the other options.

And this is a great place for it. According to Oregon Craft Beer, there are over 185 brewing companies in Oregon and it’s estimated that 53% of all draft beer consumed in Oregon is brewed in Oregon. The total economic impact of Oregon beer is $2.83 billion.

Now that the industry has started to thrive, it seems like new breweries appear frequently while successful breweries are starting to be sold to large beer corporations. Beer preferences and logistics are debated frequently in bars and at parties with preference being as personal of a choice as what clothing we wear.

Personally, I started out loving Henry Weinhard’s India Pale Ale before doing a 180 and switching to Deschutes Black Butte Porter (which I still enjoy on occasion). Currently, I tend to favor ambers and reds although sometimes a pilsner or an IPA hits the spot. I find it fascinating how swiftly our tastes can change and evolve.

Here are some of my current favorite beers:

  • Boneyard’s RPM
  • Deschutes Red Chair
  • Flat Tail’s Rough Cut IPA
  • Elk Horn Brewery’s Duck Pond Belgium Blond

What do you like to drink? 

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