Easy Dinner #1: Low-Carb BLAT

July 9, 2015

My fiancé is suddenly super motivated to lose weight.

This isn’t surprising considering our wedding is a little over two months away. While I’ve been whittling down the pounds and inches over the last 18 months at an agonizingly slow pace, Jason has griped about the food and drink choices I’ve been schlepping in from the grocery store. Now that he’s running and strength training every evening he also wants to eat healthier to maximize his results. This means I’m able to experiment with healthier eating while receiving much fewer eye rolls. I don’t diet, I can’t follow meal plans. I simply try to eat as many whole foods as possible while limiting processed foods and carbs. Not eliminating, just limiting.

Last night, I set out to make a BLAT without the bread. I bought bacon from a local butcher and picked up fresh romaine, grape tomatoes, an avocado, and cilantro.

It was delicious! Here’s how I made it:


  1. Start bacon in pan on medium heat. I did two strips per wrap. This was more than I thought it would be as our bacon is really thick so one would’ve been fine.
  2. Combine a few spoonfuls of sour cream, one tablespoon of olive oil, a small handful of cilantro, sea salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and two cloves of garlic in a bowl. I used my immersion blender to blend, a traditional blender or food processor would work too.
  3. Slice grape tomatoes in half and slice avocado.
  4. Put it all together.

Voila! You have a delicious, filling lettuce wrap!


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    LOVE this idea…looks delicious and a good way to mix-up low carb recipes! Thanks for posting.

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      Kylie Marie

      Thank you so much!

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