Marv the Ring Bearer

March 5, 2015

I’m not much of a jewelry gal, or a make-up gal, or a high heel gal. So when I got engaged last year, I suddenly had a beautiful and delicate antique engagement ring gracing my finger 16 hours per day and I was terrified of ruining it.

According to the antique jeweler who was sizing it for me, the ring was made in the late 1800’s in Germany and had already been damaged and rebuilt at some point during its long life. He informed me that I’d have to be very careful with it so I didn’t lose any gems or break it. I was instructed not to shower, cook, clean, or sleep with it on. No problem for a low-maintenance gal like me right?

Sleeping and showering were easy enough to remember, I have a lovely little jewelry box that I store it in during these activities. Cleaning also wasn’t an issue since I rarely do that anyway (end sarcasm font), but cooking was a challenge.

I cook nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. How would I remember to remove my ring every time? Luckily, the answer presented itself rather quickly. Some good friends of ours bought me a gnome for my birthday a few weeks earlier. I wasn’t really sure what to do with this heavy stone guy who we’d named Marv, so he just kind of floated around our house. One day, I moved some items around and ended up placing him next to the kitchen sink. Before kneading some dough I had mixed, I slipped my ring off and looked around for a safe place to keep it. Then I noticed Marv’s perfectly pointy hat and slipped it on. It was perfect!

Now, every time I’m in the kitchen and see Marv I pop my ring off and he keeps it safe for me on his hat. I feel the gnome folks should really be paying for this bit of marketing genius.

What do you do with jewelry while cooking?

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