My Teensy Herb Garden

March 5, 2015

When I began my cooking adventures, I learned the importance of seasoning. What would stir-fry or taco salads be without the proper seasoning? Of course, I’ve gathered quite the collection of dried herbs in my cabinet but when I learned how small fresh herbs can be I began stocking up. Using fresh herbs on dishes or in drinks gave a new flare to the things I was making in the kitchen and I was instantly hooked. By growing fresh herbs, you can grab as little or as much as you want and they are much easier to maintain than even my blueberry plants (which are pretty simple).

Here’s what I have in my herb garden and my favorite uses:

-Orange Mint: I love using this hardy and yummy smelling herb in fresh tea or infused in water.

-Chives: Perfect for a seared ribeye steak with butter.

-Rosemary: This is such a versatile herb, I use it in many potato dishes or grilled veggies.

-Lemon Thyme: Actually, I love to use this to infuse vinegar so it doesn’t smell as…vinegary (don’t act like you haven’t used that word).

-Lavender: I use this for everything! I put a few sprigs on my vanity so it’ll smell nice. I use it in tea, a bath tub, a pot of boiling water as an air freshener, and in desserts (it’s not very sweet, just delicate).

Some herbs I’m hoping to get in the future: basil, oregano, chamomile, lemongrass, sage, and regular mint!

If you are looking to start your own herb garden, head to your local garden center now! Lots of herbs are on sale as spring nears. I buy my pots at second hand stores to keep the cost down. Make sure to read the tags so you know how to properly care for it!

Lemon Thyme is easy to grow and smells delicious!
Lemon Thyme is easy to grow and smells delicious!

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