My Teensy Kitchen

March 2, 2015

Here it is, my teensy kitchen. It’s so small I had to take a panorama photo to fit it all!

My fiancé and I moved into our two-story condo about three years ago. It felt like our first grown-up living space with its mini walk-in closet and mold-free bathroom. The beige carpet was pristine and we only shared one wall with a neighbor. Everything about it was an improvement on apartment living, everything except the kitchen.

Cooking was never something I had a natural talent for. I love food, trying new dishes, and experiencing restaurants with friends but I never had a knack for cooking.

Unfortunately, it genuinely sucks to be bad at cooking if for no other reason than we eat several times per day to sustain our health and our food system is seriously lacking in nutrition. If you don’t cook your own meals, and you aren’t a millionaire, eating delicious, healthy meals is a challenge.

Luckily, cooking is adaptable. Anyone can learn to cook with patience, practice, and the right recipes. The best part is, if you totally screw up a meal (as I have so many times), it’s just one meal. Toss the charred remains in the garbage, order a pizza, and try again tomorrow. Don’t get too discouraged, every great chef has burned the life out of something at one point in their endeavors.

This blog will serve to share my knowledge from good or bad experiences. My focus will be cooking healthy, delicious dishes from whole and unprocessed ingredients while remaining sensitive to cost. I don’t sugar-coat things (unless the recipe calls for it) so please feel free to ask me questions. I’ve come a long way but am in no way an expert. I’m simply in the middle of a long road with a cup of tea and a spatula in my hand.

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