No Waste Challenge

November 15, 2015

We finally did it.

After months of looking, we found our house.

Our New House!

It was built in 1951 and the couple we are purchasing it from has lived in it the entire time! It needs a little sprucing up but it’s going to be a great home for us. It has a huge back yard that our Boston Terrier will surely frolic and we’ll have space for a garden. I’m also excited to report it has a BIGGER kitchen! The kitchen isn’t huge but it’s certainly larger than the teensy kitchen.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever bought a house knows, this process is effing stressful. Until we close on the house, we’re scrimping all of our funds together and being much more frugal about our purchasing choices. Our grocery budget is a big chunk of our monthly expenses so we’re getting more thrifty in the kitchen as well. This has led me to attempt a No Waste Challenge.

It happens nearly every week, I clean out the fridge before putting new groceries away and there are almost always unused vegetables and fruit rolling around in the bottom of my fridge. I always feel guilty about this but still don’t manage to eliminate my food waste. In the new house, I’m looking forward to starting a compost bin but until then, we throw old food in the trash.

So, starting today, I’m going to do anything in my power to use leftover, unused food before it goes to waste. Simmering vegetable broth, freezing veggies, and creating smoothie fixins are a few ways to use these items. I’m also hoping the challenge will help my grocery bills shrink at least slightly. My goal is not to throw anything from my fridge away for at least two weeks.

What’s your favorite way to use leftover produce?

Pot Roast

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